Plant Surveys & Audits

Plant Survey

Pipe bridge and Tank Painting

Surveys of pipe bridges & other assets for maintenance re-painting programmes


Internal tank lining survey


Corrosion survey of metal failure on storage tank.


Detail of corrosion - metal failure on storage tank.


Loss of tank wall thickness due to corrosion.

Plant Survey

A Plant Survey or Audit typically involves the following steps


  1. Preparing a detailed on-site survey of company assets such as:
    • Pipe Bridges
    • Tanks
    • Vessels
    • Pipework
    • Buildings etc.
  2. Providing detailed report outlining current condition of each item or asset.
  3. Preparing schedule of repainting works to be carried out based on a grading system, e.g. 5 year maintenance program
  4. Preparing budgetary costs for repainting works year on year. This schedule of costs helps assist clients prepare an ongoing annual maintenance painting program.

Fire Protection

SQM provide annual survey and Re-certification of Fire Protection Systems by SQM's qualified inspectors.

  1. Conduct on-site Survey of Fire Protection such as intumescent/cementitious fire protection systems on steelwork.
  2. Prepare report for client highlighting areas where the original Fire Protection has been compromised since installation.
  3. Prepare specification for remedial works required for re-certification.
  4. Subsequently supervise the completion of the remedial work.
  5. Finally, Re-certify the Fire Protection System.

SQM additionally provide RBI (Risk Based Inspections)