Insulation Inspection

Thermal insulation products perform a number of functions such as to:

  • Prevent condensation on chilled/cold pipelines
  • Inhibit freezing in unheated pipelines
  • Conserve energy for both hot and cold systems
  • Protect personnel from heated lines

Insulation products help to control energy costs and minimise carbon dioxide emissions from associated power source.
The performance of insulation products therefore depends on quality of the installation work by the contractor, and subsequently on how these materials and their protective layers are protected from damage over the life span of the system.

In the event of incorrect choice of insulation materials and poor workmanship, can lead to water ingress under the insulation thus leading to corrosion under the insulation (CU1). CUI has been plaguing the chemical process and other industries since the 1970’s.

Correct sealing of joints on pipe insulation material

The drying/wetting process caused from water ingress behind the insulation materials provoke the formation of an increasingly aggressive chemistry that can lead to the worst corrosion problems possible i.e. stress corrosion chalking, and premature failures.

Proper supervision of the initial installation process and maters used is essential to ensure their long-term performance.

SQM can provide confidence to our clients by our “hands on” inspection ensuring that the right materials have been installed, properly sealed and to specification requirements.

Industrial Heating Insulation Inspection