Flooring & Architectural Finishes Inspection

SQM supervises and inspects surface preparation and application of seamless floor finishes including Terrazzo, Epoxy and Polyurethane Screeds, Paint Coatings and Bund Linings.

Services include

  • Inspection/Supervision of:
    • Floor screed, including moisture content measurement prior to handover to flooring contractor
    • Floor levels and falls to drains
    • Environmental Conditions for floor installation
    • Quality of coving details
    • Supervision of floor screed installation
    • Conductivity of anti-static flooring.
    • Acid resistant tiling
    • Bund/Trench linings
    • Clean Room Finishes
    • Plaster thickness
    • Other general finishes on ceilings and walls

Supervision of preparation and application of anti-static flooring systems:


Supervision of surface preparation


Inspection of primer and anti-static coating application


Inspection of floor finish screed


Final finishing

CRC Lining on Trenches

CRC Lining on Trenches for use in Microprocessor Production

Clean room finishes

Supervision of Clean Room Finishes


Verification of electrical resistance of installed floor.

Typical Flooring Systems:



Epoxy Polyurethane Screed

Epoxy Polyurethane Screeds

Epoxy Screeds

Decorative Epoxy Screeds

Bund Lining

Bund Linings


Acid resistant tiling