Fire Protection & Certification

The protection of building structures from collapse in the event of a fire is governed by regulations to ensure the occupants can evacuate the premises safely and requires employers to identify risks and take steps to remove or reduce them.

To achieve adequate protection of buildings, Passive Fire Protection is achieved by the application of intumescent coatings, cementitious sprayed coatings, fire boarding or proprietary mortars or batts in the case of penetrating services.

Application of Intumescent Fire Protection
Application of Intumescent Fire Protection

Applications of such systems should be carried out by approved contractors under third party certified schemes.

SQM specialises in the inspection, verification and certification of Applied Fire Protection Systems and Fire Stopping Systems which are governed by strict standards from the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP), the Steel Construction Institute and European Agencies.

SQM services also include annual surveying and re-certification of Fire Protection Systems such as intumescent and cementitious coatings and Fire Stopping Systems such as mortars or batts, fire doors etc.

Fire Protection Inspection
Inspection of Intumescent Fire Protection

Intumescent Fire Protection Coating

Intumescent Fire Protection on structural steel showing:

  1. Primer coat
  2. Base Intumescent coat
  3. Top sealer coat
  4. Detail of final finish on Steel

Cementitious Coating
Cementitious fire Protection coating

Fire Boarding on Structural Steel
Fire Boarding on Structural Steel

Pipe Fire Penetration Protection
Pipe Fire Penetration Protection

Cable penetration protection
Fire-boarding cable fire penetration protection

Fire Protection on front (L) and rear (R) of electrical sockets on a 60 - 120 minutes fire rated wall

Fire Protection Inspection
Approval & re-certification of Fire Penetration Protection

Pipe Penetrations Inspection

Pipe Penetrations Inspection - Certification and re-certification

All inspections are carried out by ICorr qualified & certified inspectors.


The Association for Specialist Fire Protection The Institute of Corrosion NACE International