Contract Management

SQM carries out long and short-term contract work in the following fields:


  • Preparation of coating specifications and standards.
  • Supervision of contractors and monitoring application of:
    • Paint Coatings to all surfaces.
    • Terrazzo, Epoxy, Polyurethane Screeds, tiled floors, plaster wall finishes ceilings, clean rooms etc.
    • Fire Protection Systems such as Intumescent and Cementitious coatings.
    • Fire Stopping Systems such as Fire Boarding, Fire Doors and Penetration Protections.
  • Arbitration in contract disputes between client, contractor and third parties.

Management of major painting projects


Inspection of pipe bridge painting - Pharma Industry


Completion of pipe bridge painting - Pharma Industry


Pipe bridge and Tank Painting - Pharma Industry

New Project construction painting

New Project construction painting - Gas Industry

New Tank Painting

New Project construction painting of tank - Gas Industry

Outside tanks

Surface Preparation of tank for painting - Gas Industry

Painted Pipework

Quality control of pipework painting - Gas and Pharma Industry

Maintenance repainting of cranes

Maintenance repainting project - Energy Industry